Super Fun and Easy Indoor Activities To Do With Your Little Ones On a Snow Day

We have officially had our first snow day in New England. If you have little ones like I do, you know how important it is to keep them occupied so that they are not driving you crazy. Being that we have to stay indoors, sometimes it is not always easy to find ways to entertain them. 

Speaking from my personal experience, my daughters are nuisance when we are in the house all day. I must find activities to do with them to keep them entertained and not kill each other. So I planned to go over to my friend's house where we did some craft projects with the kids. They absolutely loved it.

The kids made snow globes, Christmas ornaments and of course, gingerbread houses. It was such a fun experience and the kids absolutely loved it. It was our first time putting together these projects so needless to say we had a little malfunction with the snow globes. We had to use an alternative mason jar lol. For some strange reason the water kept dripping out of the globes we had purchased and it made such a mess. Not sure what we did wrong but the kids loved them anyway. We will be better prepared for next time. 

Everything can be found and purchased at the local craft store. The gingerbread houses were all packaged and ready to put together. All we had to do was buy the candy for decoration purposes. So definitely make sure to grab some water paint, brushes, glitter, stickers, an action figure (for the snow globe) and whatever other items you would like to use for the decoration and have some fun. 

Below are the photos of the projects. What cool stuff do you do with your kids when stuck indoors?? Comment below.


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