The Easiest Identity Crisis Survival Kit for Moms

Gone are the days when I would take nearly 2 hours to get ready, or do things spontaneously without a plan. I remember the days when I would binge in front of the television during a snow storm, under a fleece blanket eating junk food all day; Or the days when I would sleep in until the early hours of the afternoon. After parenting sets in, it is pretty difficult to maintain the same lifestyle you had prior to having children. Outings will now require planning.

Major Disclaimer: I am not, at all, saying that I do not love being a mother. I love my girls and being mommy to those tootsies.

Most mommies would be lying if they said they did not miss their quiet days, before they became parents. I am sure we all miss having control of our lives.

I have noticed a vast amount of mothers who lose their identities because they simply stop caring about the way they look, are just too tired and may lack energy, or their entire routine revolves around their children (like Stay At Home Moms). But it is not over for us moms just yet. We can still find out mojo, we just have to put in the work.

Below are ways to help you moms who have lost themselves in having children, get your identity back.

Connect with Friends

A social circle is very important. We all need a break from our children, and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that. I love taking a night off from being someone’s mother and hanging out with my girlfriends over a nice glass of wine, were we catch up on life, laugh and even sometimes (most of the time, in my case), cry. My girls give me life and they bring me back to life when need be. It is actually extremely healthy to have a social group of friends that you are able to kick it with when need a breather from your everyday routines.

Do Things You Enjoy

Do you have a hobby? What is something that you enjoy doing that you would do for free? Knitting? photography? For me, it’s blogging (obviously). I love everything about blogging. I love creating content. I love take pictures and helping someone solve a problem. My blog is a hobby right now since I do not make an income from it just yet. I do it for free, because it gives me fulfillment and because I genuinely enjoy it. Find something that makes you feel the same way blogging makes me feel.

Take Care of Yourself

One thing I can say about my blogging, is that it has kept in align with the old me. I have always liked dress chic, having fresh nails and hair; although I have had to stop some of it, I have an excuse to get dressed, to look presentable and to feel pretty. I do have lazy days, like the rest of us, but for the most part, I like to get myself together, not only for the constant pictures I have to take but because it makes me feel better about myself overall.

 I hope these 3 simple things help bring your old self back. Although our lives will never be the same again, that does not mean that we cannot be who we are and do the things that we love while also raising our little ones. It is not impossible. With a little help from family, it is definitely doable and will be worth it in the end.