Top 5 Important Habits of Happy Moms

Being a mother takes a lot out of us. There are days I just want to lay in bed the ENTIRE day and not attend to the demands of parenting. It is so easy to get lost in the chaos. Most moms even lost themselves in raising their children. Everything they did, stood for and even dreamed of, has now been placed on the back burner. Modern day society also does not help with all its pressures on performance and looks.

But through the chaos it is important to have healthy habits. It will help give a bit of sanity through the chaos

Leave the House

Even if its for coffee. Just leave the house. Get out and away from everything. Go for a run. Good old sunlight and fresh air will definitely be a game changer. 

Get Help

Whether it be from your spouse, in-laws, who cares, ask for help. I have had my eleven year old cousin to come over my house and play with my girls while I clean, do laundry or whatever it is. Do not be afraid to ask for help. 


This has to be my far my favorite thing to do. I feel so restless half the time because my girls keep me up. Amelia wakes up every night, sometimes twice a night, to use the bathroom. Although she is five, she still comes into my room, wakes me up, to then have me walk with her to the bathroom and then back to her room to tuck her back in. In order for me to have an uninterrupted night of sleep, I have to leave her at my mother's house for the night. Sleep is so important in being able to function properly and juggle all the demands life throws our way. Getting a good night's rest is definitely a great start.

Stop Comparing and Competing

Social media is awesome but can also be the devil when it comes to showcasing realty. We all try to "keep up with the Joneses" but there is no way that any of those perfectly captures photos are my reality. I use to compare myself to all the MILFs on Instagram and beat myself up because my "snap back" has not been what I envisioned it to be. Comparison is a trap and the more you do it, the least fulfilled and happy you will feel. So just let it go and live your own reality. 

Take a Vacation

I have not been on vacation since I was pregnant with my little one and she will be two at the end of the month, that makes at least 3 years. My hubby and I finally decided to go away for the weekend. I don't care how short the vacation will be I am just excited to be going somewhere where there is a beach and lots of sun. Vacations will always get your mind right.

I hope that by the end of this message you have decided to make one of these habits a goal for this quarter or even for this week. Feel free to share the habits you have implemented to keep yourself happy. I would love to hear them.

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