Expert Packing Tips for a Family Vacation

Packing is not easy and to me, it is definitely no fun either. Especially when you have your little ones to pack as well. Did we bring everything we need? Is everything ready to go? I am usually the packer in the house, and God forbid I forget something, my husband points all the fingers at me so it is important to me to be as organized as possible and make sure I have everything we need.

Because I know how overwhelming packing may be, I put together this blog post with quick tips and tricks to make packing much easier and have you on your way to your destination in no time. I have even included a small list for packing for your children. The good thing is that for the girls, I only need one suitcase. Aylah's clothes is so little that it makes it much easier to pack her stuff with Amelia's. I usually start packing two weeks in advance. I start to set aside clothes or things that I know I am packing into the suitcase. I don't fold on the first try, I pretty much just throw everything in suitcase so that I know what I am working with. I usually take inventory of what we have and what is needed. 

  1. Lay out outfits, with underwear, accessories, and shoes for each look.
  2. Make a packing list
  3. Know the baggage policies for the particular airline you are travelling with.
  4. Do some research: activities, weather, how long is your stay? etc.
  5. Plan Ahead
  6. Roll your clothes, do not fold.
  7. Layer
  8. PJ Rule: think of one PJ as a half per night; if you are staying for three nights, pack 2 sets of PJ's.


For the Kids

Bring a Lightweight Jacket

Toys and Books: allow school-aged child to choose their own, the little one will follow.

Diapers - pack extra and DON'T FORGET SWIM DIAPERS!

snacks: fruit/veggie pouches, bars, crackers

storage bags/Ziploc bags - for food and laundry

Thank you so much for reading guys. I hope this post made planning your next family vacation that much easier. Let me know what you think in the comment box below. I love hearing from you guys.