What's inside your Carry On: Kids Edition

Travelling with children can be such a hassle and an overwhelming thought. I was not sure what to expect when the Rosario squad took their first vacation a couple weeks ago. I did not want to be that mom with the crying baby that everyone around you wants to throw something at. I prayed the girls would behave on the plane and did my research to find ways to entertain them. I had not travelled with 2 children before so I was not sure what would be essential for a four hour flight.

My girls are ages two and five. We flew JetBlue. I was disappointed to learn that Aylah had to pay for a whole seat that she was not even going to utilize. I knew she would be on my lap the entire time. And that's exactly how it went. The flight attendant made me strap her in her seat for take-off and she started screaming to be on mommy's lap, until we were finally in the air and I was able to hold her. She fell asleep instantly. I guess that cry tired her out.

I have put together this checklist for all my mommies that need a little assistance with packing your carry-on. I have also attached the links to two bags that I found to be perfect for travelling with little ones. Hope you find this helpful! 


For the Kids

  • diapers
  • wipes
  • sippy cup
  • plastic bag: Ziploc bags, reusable bag
  • snacks: fruit snacks/gummies, crackers, bars, veggie pouches
  • small blanket
  • light jacket
  • separate backpack with their favorite toys, books and video games (for school aged kids)
  • first aid kit: fever reducer, motion sickness, bandages, pain reducer
  • stroller (to be checked at the gate)


For Mom

  • Wallet with cash, credit cards, and ID
  • plane tickets, itineraries, passports
  • Tylenol
  • book/magazine
  • chargers
  • extra t-shirt and panties
  • cell phone
  • charger
  • camera
  • extra contact case and eye drops /glasses


The Best Mom Carry-On For Travel

Weekender Bag

Approximately $40

Hardshell Baby Kids Gear

Approximately $60


Thank you all for checking out this guide for packing the perfect carry on bag for your next family vacation! I hope this helped you travel with peace of mind.

Wishes you all happy travels!