Coping with Aylah's Tricky Attitude


It has been such a difficult couple month for me in dealing with Aylah. That girl is quite the firecracker, to say the least. There is definitely no comparison to Amelia at her age. Amelia has always been a quiet kid, very sweet, and loveable. Nothing like the personal Aylah has been portraying. These terrible two’s have most definitely been terrible!

I have found myself losing my patience with her; putting her in her crib as she screamed, while I took a deep breath and regrouped. Amelia was definitely nothing like this and if I had had Aylah first, I may not have had baby #2. All in all, I love my babygirl and I understand that she is going through a phase. I have been doing some research on these tricky attitudes of a toddler (aka the terrible twos).

Apart of me understands her frustration. She is not completely able to talk and communicate just yet. She does say things here and there but there are more times where I have no idea what she is trying to tell me. I know that the tantrum is their way of communication their needs for a diaper change or maybe some food. A family member suggested sign language, and although it sounds like an amazing idea, lets be honest, who has the time!?

I have family members and friends often make comments about her behavior and how tough she is. I respectfully decline invitations to birthday parties and outings with her because I know she is going to drive me to drink. Apart of me began to feel like a horrible parent who has no control of her child so I began to do some research.

Don't Try to Calm Her Down

I realize that the more I try to calm Aylah down, the more she screamed. Taking away your attention show them that you will not reinforce this behavior. Usually Aylah calms herself down when she realizes no one is paying her dramatic self any mind.

Give Her Some Space

Just like adults, sometimes kids just need their space. Maybe there is too much going on that is making them distraught or uncomfortable. Let them be! Each time we went to Ariel’s aunt’s house in NJ, she would throw a fit the moment we walked in the door. I noticed that all of Ariel’s aunts and family members tend to want to pick her up and kiss her as they are excited to see her. But I don't think Aylah is wired quite the same, at least not yet. It overwhelms her, having so many people in her face. She lashes out and starts to scream. In time, though, she did come around. She would hug and kiss her family members when she was ready to, all she needed was some space.

Create a Diversion

This is also an awesome trick to know! I went to Five Below and got a bunch of cheap little toys and gadgets to whip out when she is uncontrollable throwing one of her infamous fits. When all else fails, I dig into my bag and whip out a new toy to distract her from whatever it is that is upsetting her. Since it is a new toy, that she has not seen, she is usually most receptive to giving in.

Mommy Tip: fill your bag with all sorts of distraction

The Louder She Gets, The Calmer I Remain

No matter what, always remember to remain calm. I was beginning to notice that the louder I got, the louder Aylah’s screams got. I try to remember that she is frustrated and sometimes that helps me remain calm. If we are in public, I will usually take her to the bathroom or to the car and give her some time to calm down