Temper Tantrum Survival Strategies

In my research on attempting to battle through Aylah’s temper tantrums, I put together this small survival strategies for the mommies out there that are struggling with the terrible twos, just like I am.

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Keep Your Cool

I always try to mirror what and how I want my daughters to act. I am their role model hence I must play the part. If I get loud with her and start screaming and yelling than she will think its ok to do the same thing. I have found myself yelling and lecturing her to then say “does she even know what I am saying anyway” and it felt like a complete waste of time. So instead, I have practicing to just remain clam and keeping my discipline short and sweet for now.

Walk Away

This one has been the best strategy yet. I used to stress out trying to baby her and calm her down to just waste my time because I realized the more I attempted to baby her, the more I realized she did it and the longer the tantrums lasted. In my mind, it was not ok to just walk away from her as she threw herself on the floor and kicked and screamed. I would instantly feel that mom shame come over me, like I have abandoned my child. However, I am here to tell you to kiss that mom shame good bye. As long as your child is in a safe place where he or she cannot hurt anyone or themselves, feel free to simple walk away until they are done. Do not make any eye contact. If they see the behavior is not getting any attention from you, chances are they will stop.

Take him/her to a Private/Safe Setting

When Aylah throws her tantrums in public, I calmly pick her up and take her to the bathroom or the car where she can finish blowing off her steam there; without disrupting anyone. If I notice she is just not budging and continues to scream, I’ll opt to going home and trying again at a later time. There has been times where she will calm down and we can continue doing what we were doing however there have also been times where she is just out of control and heading home is my only resolution.

Dealing with temper tantrums are not easy. Aylah has shown me the true definition of the terrible twos. For a moment, (after Amelia) I was not sure what all the fuss was about since Amelia was not as intolerable as her sister. What makes it harder for me sometimes are the comments from the friends and family that are around. But remember that this too shall past and regardless of what you may think or what people may say about your kid, you are doing an amazing job and you are the best mommy to your little ones!

I hope these strategies helps you get through these difficult phase. Make sure to drop a comment below with your thoughts or any feedback on the content. I love hearing from you all.