Amelia's First Day of Kindergarten

Hey Moms

This back-to-school season was essentially special to the Rosario family. Amelia officially started Kindergarten! Such a milestone, I know. I was fighting back tears the entire morning at the thought of my baby taking the bus.... alone and going to a new school full of adults and children she does not know. She insisted on taking the bus, which stung a little because I was hoping to be able to give her a ride to school and have hubby pick her up, per our normal routine when she was in Pre-K 4. However, per her request, I arranged bus transportation to and from school for her. As afraid as I was for her, apart of me still wanted to give her a small ounce of independence as she entered grade school. She received her transportation tag to attach to her backpack that shows all her details; bus number, teacher's name, grade, etc. My baby was ready for kindergarten.

So, on that first day, we waited at the end of the driveway for her bus; and upon arrival, I walked her across the street and she got on the bus. I walked back to our driveway and turned around to see my baby girl sitting at the window with a huge smile on her face as she waved good-bye. I shot a picture because I never wanted to forget that moment. That moment made it difficult to control my emotions. I almost cried as my first born was off to big kid school. To this day, I still cannot look at the photo I snapped of her waving back at me from her bus window. It brings back that emotion (I'm sorry, I am a sucker for my kids). 

Because it was her first day and she had quite a few supplies to bring in, I met her at the school. I watched her get off the bus and confidently walk into her school without a care, fear, or worry in the world. I was so proud of her. I really was afraid she would freak out on her first day at her new school without her mommy. I was overjoyed at the sight of her being so self-reliant and I too felt confident because I knew she was going to be just fine. She was going to love kindergarten and her new school.

Schools were on early dismissal on the first day. I waited patiently for my little girl to get dropped off. I could not wait to hear all about her first day! I stood there for about thirty minutes, no bus came. I got a call from the school stating that she had missed the bus and I was asked to pick her up at the office. This phone call made me upset. I could not wait to get to the school because there was no way that my daughter missed the bus (as they said). She is only 5 years old and would have no idea how to get on the bus, therefore I am sure that a faculty member did not put my child on the bus. The secretary assured me that she must have erroneously gotten out of line for her bus which caused her to not get on. Since I knew it really was not the secretary's fault, I simple rolled my eyes, thanked her for her time, grabbed my child and left. On the ride home, Amelia told me her teacher told her to go to the gymnasium, as her mother was going to be picking her up. I was confused as to why her teacher told her that I would be picking her up since her tag showed her transportation details and it was attached to back pack as instructed. I called the teacher and Amelia was right, the teacher mistaken her for another child and sent Amelia to the gymnasium where the students being picked up by their parents wait. She was apologetic and since it was the first day of school, I accepted her apology and kept it moving (I was still pissed and could not understand why it didn't occur to her to check my daughters transportation tag attached to her backpack especially considering it was the first day, but lets just let it go). 

Since all that, Amelia has had great days at school. I ask her a ton of questions when I come home from work and it sounds like things are going great. She loves taking the bus, she says her teacher is sometimes nice, and she has friends on the bus and in her class. Sounds to me like she likes kindergarten, and I could not be anymore thrilled for her!

You go babygirl!