What Do You Want Your Kids to Inherit?

Long before I had children, I always envisioned what they would look like and what traits I would like them to have. When I got pregnant, those visions just intensified. I had a long wish list of characteristics and physiques that I hoped my little ones would inherit.

I got to thinking about this topic when Amelia’s teacher sent me an e-mail about her misbehaving in class. She did not follow directions and was taken computer time (which she loves) away. I started to think about my childhood behaviors when I was in grade school versus the things I have heard about her father’s school behavior. It was actually the first time I had gotten a complaint about her so I was totally baffled by the news.

I think as parents, we all want to succeed; to feel like we have raised amazing humans, that will bring goodness to this world; to be happy and loved by everyone around them. I want my girls to impact lives in a positive way; to have her presence be known the moment she walks into a room. Ariel and I are a great balance and based on our personality differences, I feel we can raise our daughters up to be strong, educated human beings that will leave amazing legacies.

Ariel is very outspoken. He will tell you what you may not want to hear, but you have to hear. He is compassionate but he will not be taken for a fool. He is quick to tell people off, especially if they are hurting or affecting the people that he loves, and he leaves no room for exceptions. Ariel is quite the social butterfly, making friends everywhere we go, a true extrovert. He is good at sparking conversation with every and any body around. He is selfless when it comes to myself and our daughters. With him, I feel protected, I feel safe. From him, I pray my girls inherit that outspoken attitude; to always speak up for themselves and those they love; to have a voice and not be afraid to use it. I want them to be social and affable. I also want them to be selfless with those they love, just like their father has been with them.

Myself, on the other hand, I am much softer than Ariel. I love education, reading, writing, learning. I am ambitious, a go-getter. I am more introverted, shy, and as of recently, a little on the private side. I love hard. I am passionate, soft hearted and an emotional being. I am patient, kind and I always take others feelings into consideration. I find contentment and happiness in all things. I am courageous, I am not afraid to try something new. From me, I hope my girls acquire a passion for learning, for being ambitious, passionate and humane. I want them to be successful in anything they take on. I want for my daughters to have happiness, contentment and to always see the good in the worst situations. I want my daughters to be patient with life and to understand that all things come in due time. I want my daughters to be courageous, to have self control, discipline, to be kind to others and most important to be honest human beings.

Although Amelia’s teacher did not say anything horrible wrong about Amelia, and I am sure that she has seen this type of behavior numerous times before in dealing with five year olds, but for some reason, when I got the email, an unsettled emotion came over me.

In the end, I know that Ariel and I are working hard to set great examples for our daughters. Amelia is only five years old and although that behavior is not acceptable and I made sure she understood that, it does not take away the beautiful little person that she is. We are taking a realistic approach at building her character and being supportive parents to her and to her sister in any way possible so that she knows she is loved.

Are there any traits you wish your children inherited? Share them with me below!