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Helping millennial moms take control and live each day with intent


my objective


There is a direct relationship between our thoughts and our emotions. Each effects the other in profound ways that influence how we exert our energy. This dynamic duo drives how we live out our days and how we ultimately perceive our Self.
This is why I am passionate about women’s empowerment!
We experience and respond to emotions in different ways which makes us all wonderfully unique; embrace it!
I aim to help women turn their fears into tools of bravery and never settling.

“If women understood and exercised their power they could remake the world.”
Emily Taft Douglas, U.S. Congresswoman

Let’s remake the world ladies!

Through the practice of mindfulness and reflection, we inevitably make better choices.
Within the Serenity Planner, you will have the opportunity to take control of your days and reflect on what’s happened. The planner serves as a guide that helps keep those pesky, overwhelming thoughts and emotions under control by having dedicated pages filled with items we often overlook.  
This isn’t just a planner! It is your personal attendant that steers you into self-care and encourages focus!

I wish to help women live positively and with an open mind.

We plan to have control and avoid wasting time on things that distract us from our end goal. Instead of viewing planning as a daunting task, the Serenity Planner will help you create healthy lifestyle planning habits rather than leaving it all up to chance.

Work towards that big dream & keep track of progress.
Give it a try. You are worth it.


it’s time for change


Do you find yourself struggling to balance your career, your dreams, your family and personal life? Does it often feel like you could use a little help keeping it all together? If your answer to any of these questions was “yes”, than this planner was created just for you.
I used to be just like you; always running on overload, stressed out with anxiety because you have a long to-do list and cannot seem to get anything done. An overloaded lifestyle, attempting to squeeze it all in, does not only overwhelm us, but it pushes out the meaningful things that our soul craves. Where life is tackling our spirit causing us to be irritable and demanding, taking away from our creative state and joys, and in return, making life more about existing than living. I created this planner for us!

It is time for a change! It is time to take control of your life and choose the meaningful over the urgent.  You can finally stop constantly feeling like your brain is on overload as you try to remember and keep track of everything and everyone.

There is eternal value with our finite time. It is up to you to figure out what you want to do with that time. It is not about how much you can pack in your days, but how much impact you will make of your days.Our time here is short, however our impact does not have to be. - Harper Collins



  • You are an entrepreneurial mom;

  • You are a working mom;

  • You crave a life outside of motherhood; or even if

  • You are a supportive spouse/partner

  • You want to spend more time in the meaningful rather than the urgent

  • You no longer want to drown in time debt and instead find time on that matters most




Key Element:

Planning: These pages were designed to inspire you to maintain a positive mindset while organizing your days and your thoughts. Each planner page has an area designated to incorporate gratitude, affirmations and an end of the reflection. These pages will help you stay motivated as you tackle your busy schedules by encouraging you to look forward to a daily reward as a method of self-care. We want you to build better habits and reinforce new beliefs that will reprogram your mind. We want you to feel inspired each and every day.

Reflection: These pages will inspire you to ponder on the day and week. You will have the opportunity to think about your highs and your lows; what lessons you learned and what goals did you miss. We want to encourage you build positive habits by reflecting on the positives and not be discouraged by the challenges. There is always a lesson to be learned from the negatives. Whatever task or goal you missed this week, we can always recommit to do it the following week. Each page provides a space for your wins, you tasks, and your lessons in efforts to build growth. We want to see you win.


  • 52 Grocery List Pages

  • One Yearly Goals Page

  • One Mom Mantra Page

  • 52 End of Week Reflection Pages

  • 5.83 x 8.27 in or 210 x 148 mm (A5)

  • Hard Cover

  • 586 Pages in Total

  • 365 Daily Pages

  • 52 Weekend Pages


  • Gratitude

  • Affirmation

  • End of Week Reflection

  • Housework and Errand Planning

  • Family Activities

  • Self Care

  • Turn Mom Guilt to Mom Mantra

  • Yearly Goals

  • Monthly Planning

  • Grocery Shopping

  • Daily Planning

  • Health and Wellness Planning

  • End of Day Reflection

Serenity Planner

You deserve to live a stress-free life. The Serenity Planner, gives you space to map out your day, make time for all the things that need to be done, and keep track of everything from groceries to self-care. Each section allows you to plan every aspect of your life, to reflect and make room for all the things that matter to you. 

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A Little More About Me

Hi, my name is Pamela Rosario, a fellow mom who is passionate about helping other busy moms keep it all together. As a lifestyle blogger, I designed the Serenity Planner because I found myself drowning in a ton of tasks, and no planner gave me space for everything that I needed.  I want to help women get their lives back, so they can live, work, and nurture stress-free.

I like to help women emotionally - to empower women to live each day with an open mind. I wish to help women live without fear, in bravery, making the most of their days here on earth and never settling. I like to encourage those that may be feeling down; to bring them a sense of hope. It is important to mindfully choose how we live our days, how we exert our energies, how to chose our thoughts because in the end, our thoughts create our feelings. I want to help women figure out what they actually want and to learn how to live life in happiness.