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Helping working moms keep track of all of life’s demands - big and small.

You’re trying to balance your career, dreams and family, but sometimes it feels like you could use a little help keeping it all together. That’s why I created this planner - to keep your mind at ease and gain some serenity. You can finally stop constantly feeling like your brain is in overload as you try to remember and keep track of everything.

This is most of us moms:
Struggling with keeping it together. We see these moms executing motherhood flawlessly on Instagram and it feels like we have fallen short. 

Chasing after our little ones leaves us frustrated, because we’re always missing appointments, running late, and neglecting some good old me time.

The truth is…overwhelm is stressing you out! 

Are you ready to stop feeling that way?

If you’re ready to find some serenity and be stress-free, I designed something just for you.


Introducing The Serenity Planner, the organization solution for the everyday working mother that needs a little help juggling all the moving pieces in her life.

Here’s what’s included.


You deserve to live a stress-free life. The Serenity Planner, gives you space to map out your day, make time for all the things that need to be done, and keep track of everything from groceries to passwords. Each section allows you to plan every aspect of your life, your day-to-day, household chores, workouts, and a monthly area to keep track of any future dates.



The investment for the The Serenity Planner is $15. 

This is the pre-sale price available to the first 25 orders.

A Little More About Me

Hi, I’m Pamela Rosario, a fellow mom who is passionate about helping other busy mommies keep it all together. As a lifestyle blogger, I designed the Serenity Planner because I found myself drowning in a ton of tasks, and no planner gave me space for everything that I needed.  I want to help women get their lives back, so they can live, work, and nurture stress-free.