5 Reasons to Obsess Over Fall


Now I will admit, I am no fan of cold weather. I hate being cold and how dry my skin gets. I hate not being able to walk on my wooden floors barefoot because the floors are so cold.

However, I do love fall. There's just so much to love about the fall; the leaves, the pumpkin flavored everything, apple cider, scarfs, and my all time favorites.. BOOTIES! So, although we are all sad to see summer go, lets remember how awesome fall!

1. My Birthday!

Well, for starters, my birthday is in the fall!! Who does not enjoy their birthday?? Although I am getting old and birthdays are not as exciting, but another year of life is a blessing. So come celebrate my special day with me!!

2. Fall Fashion

I am definitely not big on fashion and the latest outfits, but i find it easier to look cute during the fall. I love layering up; throwing some leggings on with knee high boots. Its super comfy and an easy way to look cute for girls who are not that big in the fashion department. You can make the simplest outfit stand out with just some accessories like a hat or a scarf.

3. Scenery

Another great aspect of the fall is the beautiful colors of the scenery. Those oranges, browns, and reds look great together. It makes for some awesome outdoor pictures!!

4. Seasonal Flavored Foods & Drink

Who does not love anything pumpkin flavored?? Pumpkin lattes? Pumpkin pies? I know I do! Even apple flavored deserts are amazing - apple pies, apple cider. We also cannot forgot a good old-fashion Sam Adams Oktoberfest! Im not a big drinker but I can definitely go for some Oktoberfest.

5. Maroon Colored Lipsticks and Nail Polish!

I love anything maroon colored, especially when it comes lips and nails. It goes great with any skin toned and is the perfect fall color!


So, lets enjoy this awesome season guys! Summer will be back in no time.