Valentine's Day Recap


I know Valentine's Day is just a hallmark holiday, however I love anything that's love-inspired. I decided to spend the day with one of my great friends. We stopped for a quick bite and then went shopping. It was a typical Sunday for me. I mean my husband does a really good job at keeping a smile on my face so it really was no big deal.

I wanted to make him feel special though, so I looked up ideas on Pinterest on ways to make him smile. I found this cute idea to fill a mason jar with hershey's kisses, and in the jar put a note that reads "Kisses for when I'm not around". I was instantly sold! I loved the idea and thought my husband would appreciate it. He loves hershey's so I knew it would make him smile. He's truly special to me so although I didn't really care much for the whole Valentine's Day hype, I still wanted him to know I appreciate him. Cheesey, I know!


Since I did not do anything out of the norm and it was super cold out, I wore this casual outfit with a subtle makeup look. I love these loose tops for my belly. They're so comfortable and yet so classy-looking. I will do a beauty post on the products I used so stay tuned. Because of the freezing -9 degree weather, I opted out of going outside for this shoot. I think my living room was just fine lol. Below are the details of my outfit.

I hope you all had a great Valentine's Day with all your lovers and friends.





Top // Charlotte Russe

Jeans // Forever 21

Booties // Macy's