Strength Training While Pregnant


Hey Beauties! Hope you are all having a great week so far.

So I got together with my fabulous trainer, Patti from LeanBody Boot Camp, to put together this post on the advantages of working out while pregnant.

Coming from a Dominican household, my family is convinced that it is not ok to workout while pregnant. They baby me to death, which is not a bad thing. Everytime I even mention the gym my mother goes crazy. "Tu te vas a sacar esa barriga ante de tiempo", she says. My husband is another one that is convinced that working out while expecting is only going to hurt than help.

But I beg to differ. Here are 11 advantages about working out while expecting.

  1. Speedy recovery
  2. Increased sense of well being and self esteem during and after pregnancy
  3. Less leg cramps
  4. Larger placenta which in turn provides an increase nutrient base for the baby
  5. Decrease the risk of excessive weight gain caused by an increase fat storage
  6. Stronger lower back which in turn reduces the risk of lower back pains
  7. Boost energy
  8. Decrease likihood of varicose veins
  9. Reduce chances of having Caesarean birth
  10. High chances of achieving labor a few days earlier or on time
  11. Exercise helps prepare the body for the stresses imposed by labor and delivery

Now I hope this helped a few of you mommies-to-be get over that fear of working out while expecting. It is safe and can be done as tolerated. Make sure you consult with your doctor as some pregnancies are riskier than others.

So get your butts in the gym!!

Let me know your experiences and what you think via my social media platforms. Cant wait to hear from you guys