All Black and Khaki Outerwear

My loves!!

Hope you're all having a great weekend. The weather in CT has been so ugly this week. I have been wanting to post a look with this trench coat for you guys all week but couldn't find the perfect day to do so. It's been raining all week. How depressing.

Anyway, my pregnancy days are almost over which means I have to post as many maternity look from now till then as possible. Its becoming a big challenging with the pregnancy pains, but I am here to stay! I promise I will not abandon you guys! I'll post as many different looks as possible for all my mommies-to-be.

I decided to wear all black with this trench, mainly because its all that fits right now. I paired it with a pair of beige shoes to match it with this awesome outerwear trench. The black helps the beige stand out., which is why I chose black. It also helps me look thinner ;) lol. As you can probably tell, I love wearing all black. Its just easy and goes with any and every thing. This look can be used for a casual Saturday with friends or even to grab a quick drink. Perfect for all fashionistas; of all body types!

Details of this look below.





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