Maternity Must Haves

From experience, maternity fashion is really just a matter of trial and error. You have to find what works best for you. Within the first two trimesters of maternity, you can probably pull off wearing your old clothes, or maybe even buying regular clothes that's a little bigger than your normal size. But once you get into your third trimester and your bump is fully exposed, it may get a big challenging. Either you pay a pretty penny for stylish maternity clothes, you wear your significant other's stuff or play with the stuff you have in your closet and find ways to make it work. For me, I made good use of the clothes I already have. However, at this stage of my pregnancy, I am actually considering buying a couple tops at Destination Maternity. I cannot believe how few affordable maternity stores are available. And the few that do have a maternity section, you can only order online. Well what if I want to try something on first? Geeze! lol

The items that I have listed below are the few things I have found to work best for me during my pregnancy. I wanted to share with all my mommies-to-be because, lets face it, the struggle is real! I get it! It's hard out here for us mommies to try to find something that flatters our belly bumps and that also reflects our own personal sense of style.



  1. Maxi Dress
  2. Leggings
  3. Tank tops or cami
  4. Skinny belt
  5. Bodycon dress
  6. Babydoll blouse
  7. White converse


I pretty much wear my white converse with pretty much any and everything for an everyday look. The skinny belt helps to flatter the bump. And obviously the maxi and bodycon dresses, and the leggings are just overall comfortable articles of clothing to wear with any body frame.

Hope you ladies enjoy the post and can benefit from the items I have listed. Let me know what you think via my social media platforms. The icons are available on the homepage