Casual Columbus Day


Hey mommas,

Thanks to Columbus Day I was off on Monday for some much needed time at home. I was able to clean and catch up on laundry. I had the girls so it was not a complete day off but still a day off from my fulltime nonetheless. Any day I can spend at home is a good day. Its getting chilly now so I did not want to leave my house. I spent time with my girlies. Did some coloring with Amelia and some pumpkin carving for the holiday just to get her into the Halloween Spirit. Not sure what to dress her up as this year but I have some pretty cool ideas. I cannot wait to show you all!

There was definitely no dressing up for me on my day off! Instead I chose to be as comfortable as can be. I wore my current favorite sneaks and sweatshirt! Yes, the sneakers in hot pink! why not?? I love pink. This sweatshirt I got thanks to They had it on Amazon for like $15 so I hopped on the deal. Its comfortable and stylish. You can never go wrong with a pair of ripped jeans to complete the look. I do my own rips for the most part. Thanks to my awesome SIL who taught me how [I love you Milly]. Every pair of jeans that I feel ready to get rid of, the rip! and BAM! Its like a new pair of jeans lol.

Hope all my lovely ladies can relate to this comfortable look. You can pretty much pair some Nike sneakers with pretty much anything and look great!

How did you all spend your Columbus Day??