Vintage Floppy Hat


Hey mommas,

I didn't lie when I told you guys I was obsessed with off-the-shoulder tops! Seriously! Obsessed! There's just something about showing off some shoulder that makes me feel warm and fuzzy. lol

I wore this top while out and about with my family. I paired it with ripped jeans, booties, and for an extra umph, I added this stylish hat. I see ladies flaunt this hat all the time and I just never got one for myself. I always felt I just did not look good in any type of hat. I use to see them all over the stores and try them on, but would immediate take it off because I felt it just did not look good on me.

And then I would ask myself, "where the heck am I going that I would wear this hat?" I kept seeing this style hat everywhere; so I threw my hands up and decided to take a chance and I do not regret it one bit.

I felt great in it and I think I looked great in it also. Definitely a wardrobe must-have. This one in particular is pretty affordable too!

I am sure each of you have a look with a similar hat, definitely tag me. I would love to see the awesome looks you create with this hate.





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Top // Click Here

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