Cozying Up to This Sweater Dress

Hey Fashionistas! Happy Hump Day!

So this week has been so cold here in Connecticut. We even got some snow this past weekend. It was actually great having a snow day. I got a lot done as far as my blogging. Snow days are usually my most productive days ever. I was just disappointed it snowed during the weekend instead of a week day!

Anyway, its has definitely been super cold these last couple days; but I gotta say I do love the scenic view of snow. Its so beautiful; white and bright. It makes for great blogging photos!

I happened to have that day off of work so I was able to catch that sun in order to get the best background and lighting for this look. I grabbed my digital camera and tripod, got dolled up and began my photos session. It was actually my first time using my tripod and doing my own session. Don't judge me! lol. A girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do.

I really love this sweater dress. I was trying to look as stylish and chic as humanly possible under these cold conditions. The dress kept me warm out there while I posed for those 10 seconds until the self-timer went off and flicked my pic.

I decided to pair this dress with OTK boots in order to keep my legs warm. I think a perfect little shoulder bag would make the perfect accessory for this look.  Although I am not wearing a bag in the picture, I provided a link below to a bag that I think would match perfectly, just in case :). Ya'll know I got you.

Below are the outfit deets for all you ladies to be able to recreate this look. Hope you like it! Let me know what you all think via all my social media channels. I love chatting with you guys. Also, don't forget to subscribe!

Dress // Click Here

Boots // Similar Ones Here

Suggested Shoulder Bag // Click Here