OTK Boots and Shorts for Fall

Hey Fashionistas,

I am so excited at how warm the weather in Connecticut has been lately, especially considering its fall. I felt this look was perfect for the weather since its still warm out.

I took a huge step outside my comfort zone with this look. I was inspired by super stylish mommy Kyrzayda Rodriguez. I never felt comfortable wearing such short shorts, especially with OTK boots. I was afraid it would just look trashy on me. But after seeing how stylish the boots with shorts looked on Kyrzayda, I was determined to try it. But I am so glad I did it because I absolutely loved it. It felt awkward at first but I was ok

This type of look would be perfect for brunch or a night out with girlfriends. It is super trendy for this season. If you want more color, a pair of hot red (yes hot red) OTK boots would also go perfect since red has become this season's go-to color.

Feel free to comment below your thoughts on short shorts with thigh high boots. I cannot wait to read your reviews.