Green High Waisted Pants and Lace Top

Since becoming a mother and no longer having that tight flat stomach, I have a different level of love and appreciation for a good old pair of high rise pants. 

I love how they tuck in my gut and make my booty look nice and perky. This pant style has become my go-to for almost every occasion. What I love the most about this style pant is the sense of classiness it gives. It hugs me in the right places yet gives me a sense of elegance.

I wore this look to my girlfriend's bridal shower brunch in New York City. I got a lot of compliments on the fit. I am obsessed with the fabric of these pants. It is a stretchy material which makes it easy and comfortable to wear. I decided to pair these pants with a lace top and hat for a more chic style look. It made it perfect that the pants were green and I happen to wear them on St. Patrick's Day.

These pants are perfect for almost any occasion; a night out or even a casual brunch. How would you style a nice pair of high waist pants? Let me know in the comments below!