High Waisted Dress Pants from Shein

Hey Babes,

I have experienced the magic of finding the absolute perfect pair of pants. I am crazy about high waisted pants guys! Like completely over the top obsessed. It makes such a boss statement and it is especially necessary for this mom body of mine. You know, the one with the flappy lower belly, stretch marks and gut! Yep that's the one. High waisted tucks all that nonsense in, and gives me an extra boost of confidence.

I got these black dress pants, in high waisted style, which is perfect for the workplace or for date night. As some of you know, my wedding anniversary is creeping its way on Friday the 31st. Maybe hubby will surprise me and take me out dancing (if you know Ariel, that's probably highly unlikely). Anyway, so, I paired these pants with a bandeau top and sandal pump. You can pretty much wear any shoe with this since the pants are wide enough to cover them anyway. 

Bandeau tops are totally cute but I will only wear one with high waisted pants and the higher the pants the better. I decided to pair these pants with a bandeau top because the pants were pretty high and I didn't want to have to tuck in a shirt where you can potentially see it bulging through the pants. These pants were so comfortable and I loved that it brought a strap to tie around the waist if you wanted to. Great way to get creative! Super cute!

Below are my outfit deets and more photos of the look. Let me know what you think. Make sure to subscribe to my newsletter to get updates and latest news on my blog. 

Catch ya later!

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