Tips on Finding Your Signature Style

For a long time I felt like I could not find my signature style. I found myself just following trends even though I may not necessary like how it looked on me. For a moment, I was sporty; wearing sneakers and workout gear. Then I found find myself with a more classy approach; killing myself in heels and skirts. I even went through an all-black everything phase because I saw it to be popular on Instagram.

To now finally accept that although sneakers are super comfortable, I am more of the chic styled, elegant, dressy, clean feeling type of girl. I know I love heels, although they are not always the most comfortable, especially as a mom but I also know that I love a fresh pair of Nike’s to run errands and be comfortable in. When it comes to going out, I prefer to be over dress than under dressed.

I learned that not all trends and styles are for everyone. And its not that certain trends don’t look good on your or that you just cannot put it off, its just that maybe, those trends are just not you. Ya Know? I accept that I do not look good in crop tops. I do not like to wear any type of animal print except for cheetah. I prefer neutral colors: beige, mauves, and whites and I just cannot pull off a bold lip for the life of me.

So I put together this post to steer you in the right direction. Since blogging, I have paid closer attention at styles and trends. I always knew I liked style which is why I knew I had to incorporate style to my brand. I always paid close attention to what other girls were wearing, how they styled certain pieces and what colors and textures complimented each other.

The different variations in styles can be messy however there is a way to pin point what your signature style is. Here are a few tips to help you find it.

Spend some time in your closet

This is important! Get rid of pieces you haven’t worn in months. They are really just taking up space in your closet. Get rid of clothes that do not fit you. Get rid of clothes that you are just unsure about. If you have to question it, then it probably does not belong in your closet anyway. Even if it has a price tag, just let it go. Hoardering clothes is not going to help you figure out your signature style. Ask yourself this question, “if I were shopping right this second, would I buy this?” If the answer is “no” then out it goes!

Take note of trends you like: colors and patterns

What current trends do you like? What celebrities looks do you admire. Jot down fashion trends you like and patterns you like. Also make note of what colors you like and what colors do you feel look good on you.

Find inspiration on Pinterest and Instagram

This is probably the one tip that has helped me the most. I am always on Pinterest looking for style ideas and style inspiration. I have a Pinterest board of different looks I want to recreate. If I have a pair of shoes that I am not sure how to style, I go to Pinterest for help.

Find the styles you DONT like

Just as much as you should be searching the looks and trends you like, you should also take note of the styles that you don’t like. It is important to be able to differentiate the two when putting looks together.

Find words to describe your style

Make a list of words that describe the styles that most resonate with you. Use those words in Pinterest or even google searches when shopping online. It will help find pieces that you may potential like.

For me, I know I like more classy, sometimes sophisticated looks. I like dressy looks, wearing heels and pretty purses. Although I will gladly throw on a pair of sneakers, but I gravitate more towards heels. I like the wearing neutral colors, mauve, beige, ivory, light denim jeans. I love high waisted pants. I love trousers. Trends that Im loving right now is layering, off the shoulder, booties, and of course ripped jeans.

How about you? Tell me what you have come up with so far in the comment section below.