Weekend Looks

Who is as obsessed with the weekends as I am?

I love that I have free time to catch up on life; whether its hanging out with my friends, or spending some quality time with Ariel and the girls. We always find something fun to do during our weekends and it really makes me feel such a sense of fulfillment and gratitude for the love I have around me. Weekends gives me something to look forward to. I can just let my hair loose, look cute and have a nice cold Corona Refresca! Especially now during these beautiful summer days.

Since I usually tend to put on my best self during the weekend, I wanted to dedicate this post on these three simple, yet stylish looks that are super cute and are just so easy to put together. I know we don’t all like wearing heels, so I will create a separate post for my more casual ladies.

If you follow me on Instagram, you probably already know how obsessed I am with straw hats. I never knew how much I loved them until recently. The simple act of adding a hat can take your simple look into a total it girl. In these photographs, I am simply wearing a white top and skinny jeans. To give the look a little pop, I added these cheetah print slip-ons and accessorized with my favorite straw hat. Its funny because I got this hat on my trip to California last summer on a boardwalk in Santa Monica. It cost me like $15 and I haven’t taken it off since. I love this hat. The Gap, H&M and Target are known for having similar stylish hats so check them out for a cute straw hat.

And just as much as I love straw hats, I also love straw bags. It may just be the season because these straw bags are everywhere and I am all for it. I wore this simple khaki button up dress that I paired with platform espadrille sandals; another perfect summer trend. This look is perfect for a Sunday spent with your husband and children. You can wear it to church or to brunch. Khakis are also very versatile and perfect to have in your wardrobe for the summer. I have khaki pants, skirts and dresses just waiting around for some sun. Make sure you add a khaki piece to your summer wardrobe. It’s a must. This particular look I got at Marshall’s.

Lastly we have these beautifully fitting white pants that I got from the Gap. I love these pants so much because they just hug my curves the right way. These are the pants I wear when I want to feel like my glutei workouts at the gym are working. I love everything about these pants. I am 5’0 tall so it is usually difficult for me to find pants that are the right length, hence why I always have a seamstress on deck. But thank God for the Gap and these pants because they truly are a closet gem! I paired these pants with a light pink, off the shoulder crop top and cheetah print slip-on sandals. Again, I left the outfit more on the subtle side, so that the shoes can pop. And since I love this shade of orange, I thought I should add it in as well for another dose of flavor. What do you guys think?

Photographs are taken by Paola Kaoud Photography

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