Customize My Style with Eshakti

Hey Fashionistas!

There is this pretty amazing online shop that I must tell you guys all about. I partnered up with Eshakti to bring you this loo and I guarantee that you are going to love this site and its unique customization.

Not only do they have tons of different styles but, the beauty of it is that you can customize any style to your liking! How awesome is that?? You can adjust the length, the sleeve length, the neckline, pretty much everything.

I have been on a hunt for a sailor style dress with these shell-like buttons for a summer look and was excited to come across this option. I saw this dress on their site as a mini and love the option to turn it into this knee length masterpiece. I love a nice mini, but there’s just something about my age that makes me feel like its no longer acceptable. I much rather prefer the knee length, midi option anyway. It is more my style and that is the only thing I cannot stop bragging about when I talk about Eshakti. You can make it fit to your personal style! Yes girl, its all about you!

The shop gives you the option to enter in your own custom size which also another great option to have for my curvy girls and my petite and tall girls as well.

Delivery takes a couple weeks if you opt into the customized option however it is the perfect shop for every occasion!