Styling Everyday Clothes

I am a firm believer that if you feel good on the outside, you will feel good on the inside, therefore I make an effort to look presentable and put together every day. I am normally not a morning person, so I tend to pick out my clothes the night before so that I am pretty much on autopilot in the morning. I get up, head to the bathroom, put on my clothes, fix my hair and minimal makeup and start to get the girls ready. My goal is to be ready within 45 minutes to then start on getting my kids ready and off to school. It is important to me to look presentable because I like to feel good about myself. When I look good, it automatically helps with my overall mood for the day. I feel confident and ready for the day brings; and we all know, confidence is key.



Let’s start with talking basics. I brag a lot about basics because, to me, it is the foundation of any outfit. You simply build from it. I always thought of myself as the play it safe type when it came to styling. I wear minimal to neutral colors. However, I have learned that that is not totally a bad thing. Basics, such as, camisoles, tank tops and even certain t-shirts are great starts and will give you a foundation for you to build from.


I never realized how much this one little tip makes the world of difference. When I say structure I am referring to the neck lines really. I learned to stay away from droopy necklines; like cow necks and/or any types of drape. I gravitate more towards tops that stand up and have a good shape. For example, crew necks and v-necks. Although cow necks and certain draps can look beautiful, for me, it makes me feel sluggish.


As most of you know, I’m shorter than most. I am only 5 feet tall so you can imagine the difficulty I have to find pieces that are perfect length. A lot of clothes fit longer that it should, hence why I have most of my pants altered. Do not be afraid to alter pieces that you think need it. I know it may get pricy but it will be worth it. I am pretty altering all my jeans and pants because as you can imagine, most are too long. You will feel much more comfortable. Eshatki is an awesome site because, as long as you know your body measurements, you can pretty much customize any piece to your exact size and save yourself the trouble of tailoring! The images below feature the dress that I got from their site. I was able to adjust the length of the dress and the neckline and sleeve length.


Don’t always go by the trends. I use to make this mistake often and found myself wasting money on items that I will just not wear. I have more of a classy, elegant, style. I may try a trend or two but I find myself going right back to my basic top and mom jeans. My go-to pieces are mostly likely going to be more classic pieces, like blazers, button down shirts and a nice pair of fitted pants or jeans.

Do it Up

If you are anything like me and you are up early in the morning, fitting to get out of bed, its hard to do makeup and hair. But doing so makes such a difference in how you look throughout the day. The clothes you wear are important but so is your hair and face. I dedicated some time to learn a quick makeup routine that includes, a tinted moisturizer, some concealer and mascara. I get my face done in less than 5 minutes. My hair is usually straight so I may do it the night before and sleep with a tubi so that I don’t have to do much in the morning - just a quick touch up with my blow dryer and I am good to go.

I hope these quick tips helped you pick out better every day pieces when on your next shopping spree. Feel free to drop a comment below or shoot me a message on my social media platforms @impamelarosario.

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