You Will Thank Me: Ways to Creating 'Me Time' Without Feeling Guilty

Although being a mother is a full time gig, that does not mean that mommy does not need a break. After all the diaper changes, baths and potty runs; we all deserve a huge Olivia Pope style glass of wine.

Some days, I just want to come straight home from work, curl in bed and take the longest nap ever, or maybe watch a good movie without interruption. Everyone keeps asking me if I watch "This is Us" but with my girls, I cannot sit and enjoy a good television series or even a book without my girls impeding; so what is the point in starting? Those days are long gone in the Rosario household, for now. The only time I get to myself is when the girls are asleep and by then, I am pretty tired myself. Reading a book only happens during my lunch breaks at work, hence why it takes me so long to finish one book. 

But having down time is not a waste of time. Your problem is that you believe that you cannot afford time off and you feel guilty when you do. But there is nothing to feel guilty about when it comes your sanity. Here are some ways you can make more time for yourself:

Hire A Sitter For No Reason At All

Be spontaneous! Clear out your entire day, hire a sitter and disappear. I am sure that before you know it, you will create a new to-do list, that is all about you! If it were me, I would hit a spa, get waxed, get my hair and nails done, facials; a full spa treatment. I would probably binge on "This is Us" since everyone is always talking about it.

Let Go of Your To-Do List

Whatever your weekly routine looks like, cancel it. Instead of your usual running around to the grocery store with your kids, just go home and relax. Forget about the day to day demands for once.

Every Sunday, I usually open up my blogging calendar/notes and plan out my weekly tasks. What content am I creating this week and in what format? So this concept would mean letting go of all of that and going to bed early.

Hire a Cleaning Lady

Cleaning takes up a huge part of my days. If I could delegate this task to someone else, I would hop on the opportunity. If I did not have to run around cleaning up after the girls, doing laundry and dishes, I would be a happy parent.

 Sneak Out the House Before Everyone Wakes Up

This may only work during the weekends, and if your children are late risers. My girls are up by 7:30 so this idea may not work for us, but still a good idea nonetheless. Wake up a couple hours before the kids, grab your favorite book and hit your favorite coffee shop. Reading is relaxing and a great way to start your day, before all the madness and chaos.

I know that blocking out some time in your schedule for yourself may seem difficult at first, but believe me, your psyche will thank you. Even if its just for an hour or two, you will feel much better about tackling on those mommy duties once you have rested and regrouped. Everyone needs a break, parents are no exception. 

If you had more free time, would activities would you do? Let me know in the comment section below.