3 Reasons Why my Husband and I Don't Stress Over Valentine's Day

A couple days before the magical day of Valentine’s day I asked my husband what we were doing for the lover’s holiday. I was not at all surprised by his response. “Nothing”. Just like that.

The old, high school Pam would have been all in my feelings because my man boo does not want to celebrate Valentine’s Day and maybe he just does not love me? But, the new, more awesome Pam, did not care either way. It's not that I am completely against the holiday, believe me, I love celebrating love and all that it entails. However, at this point in my life Valentine’s day is just another day. Ariel and I have been together long enough. We are not newly weds or dating. I think Valentine’s Day is more for new lovers, still in the dating phase of their relationship.

Here are 3 reasons why I don’t care for Valentine’s Day:


Ariel and I are pretty good with celebrating our love and our marriage throughout the year that one day does not change anything. I am a firm believer that celebrating your significant other more times than one is very important in the longevity and success of your relationship. It is very important to keep the spice in your relationship, especially after having children. Frequent date nights are important to break away for the demands of your everyday lives and just enjoy with other’s company, like you used to when you were still dating.


Did you know that flowers are 30-50% more on Valentine’s Day than they normally costs? I just find it silly to have to pay more for roses just because its Valentine’s Day.

Going out for dinner is also out of the question. Restaurants are usually busy. The lines are insane and the service is usually off because they are rushing to get you in and out pronto!


I prefer to have my husband buy me flowers and candy unexpected and not because a holiday told him to do so. I think it is just much more special to get that type of treatment on a normal day and not only because it is Valentine’s Day. It shows you are doing it from the heart and because you genuinely want to.

What are your thoughts and opinions on Valentine’s Day? Is it important to celebrate it or not? Let me know in the comment box below.