March's Mommy & Me Look


I had very good intentions this month to post a great mommy and me post. However, if any of you have a toddler you know that not all things go as planned. I wish that Amelia would cooperate when I need her to. But that is far from the truth. We took a bunch of pictures, but only ONE made the cut.

I included this cute picture of the 3 of us just because lol. Next month I will try to create a great mommy and me post to make up for this one. I pray April bring us great weather so I can do a fun outdoor shoot with her.

Below are the outfit deets for me and my snug. Post a Mommy and Me look with your little one and let tag me! I would love to see it.

Mommy's Look

Dress // Similar One Here

Shoes// Click Here

Amelia's Look

Dress // Similar One Here

Boots// Similar Ones Here

Vest // Similar One Here