Mommy + Me: Two Piece

Most little girls love to dress up like mommy and wear her heels and makeup. My girls are no exception. I love these mommy and me segments with Amelia because I feel like I connect with her on such a special level. She all feels like a grown up when dressed like mommy. It is not always as easy to get her photos taken with me, however, but I think I managed to steal a few good shots with her.

Mommy and me’s have become so popular on social media. It’s so easy to put together by just matching prints, colors, or even just coordinating colors. Even adding some fun accessories, like a cute pair of sunnies or woven handbag, will make all the difference in matching your looks.

I got these beautiful two pieces for myself and Amelia on They have so many options for mommy and me’s and they even have a variety of bathing suits perfect for you and your little ones. Make sure to use my coupon code when shopping shein for some money off your purchase!

DC: Q3pamela