#WeAllGrowNYC - When One Grows, We All Grow!

IMG_5397 I have always loved being around like-minded women. It just brings great energy, motivation, empowerment. I spent this past Sunday with a room full of latina leaders, set forth to empower others and aide in growth, in whatever way that may mean to you.


I never attended a blogging event until this one and I have not stopped thinking about it since. I have always loved to blog. I started this site to be able to express my story, to build my own brand. Although, I am still putting the pieces together to forming that brand, I can sure say I am on the right path.


It was absolutely amazing seeing Pinterest there! I live by Pinterest. Pinterest has been there for me through all my milestones: home buying, baby planning, and even blogging. I love Pinterest.


This event opened my eyes to big world of blogging and showed me how great we can be as influencers. To listen to the stories of these women, all of whom stood in my very shoes once as an amateur, are great successors today. I was like a sponge watching these women, trying to grasp as much information as humanly possible. All the mentors told such inspirational stories.


Im still trying to find my path in life and in my career. Although I may not have all the answers I'm looking for right now, I am enjoying the ride along the way. These type of events help me grow as a person and learn so much, not only about this business but about myself as well. I just want to thank the LBC team and Ana Flores. This event truly was a success for me. I will definitely  be attending another #WeAllGrow event in the future. I would also love to thank my wonderful husband for coming out with me to support. I did not know anyone and was a little afraid of what the event would be like so I asked him to tag along, and without hesitation he said yes. He was the only guy there (lol) but overall he embraced the moment with me.

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