10 Things Women Can Do When They Need Some Uplifting

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We all undergo some sort of funk one way or another. Even if you are the happiest person alive. Its only human to go through some downs. Last weekend, I experience a little bit of that "blah-saking" feeling. But luckily, I found ways to snap out of it. I decided to dedicate this blog post to my ladies that need a little bit of uplifting as I did.

Here are 10 things you can do to uplift your spirits:

#1  Get a mani/pedi

#2  FULL Body waxing - Yes that does includes a Brazilian ladies. You have no idea how amazingly clean you will feel right after. Its like an instant boost to your confidence level. After a good waxing, all I want to do is walk around nude! HELLO WORLD!

#3  Get your hair done

#4  Buy yourself a new outfit - We can always use some old fashion retail therapy - but within reason of course. Don't go out and splurge if you can't, but definitely try and buy yourself a nice outfit. I brought myself a new pair of shoes, a NY&Co. skirt with a H&M top. It was a simple outfit but I was excited to wear new clothes.

#5  Do your makeup

#6  Go out and do something you enjoy - I had my husband take me out on a date. We went dancing! We had not been out in a long time. With our full-time jobs, the baby and our normal routine, we barely found time for us. I must admit, it is definitely healthy for a couple to go out just the two of them and enjoy each other's company. To forget about your everyday lives, problems, and situations. Just kick back and date like the good old days before marriage and children. It truly was a great night.

#7  Feel pretty - With the makeup, hair, waxing, and new outfit, I surely felt like a million bucks! I felt young and beautiful again. To step outside my everyday casual wear and to get dolled felt great!

#8  Take a Nice Long Shower

#9  Get Dressed Up

#10  Seek Out A Friend - your closest friends are always great for helping you feel better. They usually know you best and know how to help get you out of the funk; weather its a venting session or just a night out with the ladies. My friends are great for making me feel better.

I hope this post helped bring out the best in you. Have a wonderful week guys!