Why I Gave Into the Wonderful World of Blogging


 I've had this passion to write my own story for years. I never knew what to write about I just knew I wanted to write. Writing has always been my escape. I used writing for different things, almost like a best friend. When I felt emotions running through me, I wrote. When I was bored, I wrote. When I wanted to say something, I wrote. However, I never kept anything I wrote. I would write until I caught a cramp and couldn't write anymore and then throw the page away in fear someone would find it. I didn't want anyone to read what goes on inside. I didn't want to taint anyone's perception of my being. I knew I could trust that page with all my thoughts. I didn't have to worry about it telling my secrets. I didn't have to worry about judgment or critics. I can be myself, freely and openly and I loved it. 

I often debated whether to proceed with this passion for writing. For years I debated about writing a book and then I thought about the many people who would discourage me; but at the same time thought about the people I can inspire. I've made various attempts to write a book but never actually sought it through. But the passion wouldn't go and I believe God placed this passion within me for a reason.

Starting this blog was just a hobby - a way for me to write about whatever it is i wanted to write about. However, I have grown to love and appreciate it to much more depths than just that. It is a lot more work than I initially anticipated but its well worth it. When I get those messages from people saying they have read my blog and because of it were inspired to do something they have longed to do; fills my little heart with joy. I love to inspire and to give back. I think its important to connect to different types of people. It promotes growth and I am all for growth and empowerment. So, I am here to do what I love to do, to write; to create content; to be creative.

So here it is! My very first blog! My way of writing and inspiring others to have the courage to do what they love.