The Ultimate Guide for Being More Put Together This New Year

Let's be honest, organizing, especially when you have little ones running around the house, is no easy task. Whether you're a stay-at-home mommy or a working mommy, organization is something we all have to work hard for. The good thing about organization is that once you have mastered it, your entire life will just flow and you will feel so good about it.

Here is this ultimate guide I have put together for all my mommies to help you be more put toether this new year:


Planning is vital for maintaining a routine and staying on track. I personally prefer an actual planner that you write in as opposed to apps on my phone. I don't know why but I just could not seem to keep it all together. I guess I'm just old fashion because those automated planners did nothing for me.

You will have to take some time out each week to plan your upcoming week. You will need to look over what needs to be done, what bills need to be paid, meals, appointments that need to be scheduled, etc. Without planning ahead, I found myself wandering around aimlessly without getting anything done! I have even lost sleep with all the thoughts of things I had to do my mind. Planning is such an essential part of my life. I like to know exactly what I am doing so that I do not waste time. 

Having a Command Center in your home is an awesome idea, that way everyone is on board with what needs to be done and you can potential even have some help. I know if my hsuband knew what needed to be done, he is usually pretty good at lending a hand. 


Make sure that all things are secure and put back where they belong when not in use. This idea will help you find it when you are looking for things again in the future. I have also found it help to buy multiples of certain items to keep in each room of the house. For example, nail clippers. We were constantly losing and rebuying nail clippers! I still have no idea where they have all went. So I now have one in my bathroom and one in the children's bathroom. Teach your children early on where things go and remind them they should be put back once done.


Having a smooth morning is essential for having a smooth day. The morning can make or break your entire day which is why it is so important to try and have everything done the night before so you have less to do in the morning. Prep lunches, diaper bags, etc. I usually have it all ready by the door so in the morning I just get myself and the girls dressed and I'm out the door.


The more stuff you have, the more cluttered and disorganized you will feel. Children outgrow things quickly, you should be getting rid of it just as fast! Sell them or donate them but do not hang out to them unless you have younger kids who will eventually grow into them. It is also important to go through your own things and get rid of clothes you do not use or have not used in a while.


You cannot do it all and you should not have to. Delegate tasks and give yourself a break. You deserve it! It can also help to teach your children at an early age to do chores and help you around the house. If everyone in the family pitches in, it will make your life that much easier!

Hope this small guide helped in figuring out where to start at getting your ish together. Comment below with all your tips and ideas that help you keep it all together. Oh! And don't forget to subscribe!. Catch you on the next post!