12 Easy Steps to Organizing Your Little One's Birthday Party

  Hey Guys,

As some of you already know, I recent put together my daughters 1st birthday and baptism. I decided to do both on the same day to save myself time and money. I figured it would be easier on our family and friends since it was Memorial Day Weekend and everyone is super busy these days. I wanted to make it convenient for all, especially Aylah's godparents, who live far from us so I had to find a way to accommodate them as well. I am no event planner nor am I trying to be so I thought I would put this small post together for those of you that cannot afford an actual event planner but want to put together a great event for your little one. I know that sometimes the though of putting something together is just down right overwhelming for most. But it really does not have to be. Planning an event is easy once you have established your budget. Below is a breakdown of how I planned the events for my babies.

1 Create a budget

Do this as soon as possible so that you have an idea of what your working with. Set aside money, whether in your savings account or under your mattress, to go towards the event. Make sure you plan for everything and then some - from the venue, the food, etc. and store some away for emergencies because things WILL come up.

2 Pick a theme and Create a Pinterest board

This is probably my favorite part. Pinterest makes me so excited to plan anything because everything on Pinterest just looks so good and put together. People are so creative and you definitely get a bunch of creative ideas to tackle any budget. So pick your theme and create a board.

3 Get the venue/location booked to secure the date

Pick a date for the event and start doing some research on venues in your area, make appointments to talk to the booking coordinators, discuss pricing and what is included. Finalize the list to about 2 different venues and choose the one that best fits your needs and budget. Always keep the budget in mind when making these types of decision.

4 Secure Entertainment

If you are going to have a DJ and/or clown, bouncy house, or some sort of entertainment make sure there is availability for the date you have. You may want to do this before sending out the invitations in case there is a discrepancy with the dates. Book your entertainment as soon as possible to secure the date that way you have no issues when the time comes.

5 Order the Invitation

Once you have put your deposit down for the venue and secured the date and your entertainment is ready to go, get your invitations together. Make a list of everyone you are inviting to get an idea of how many people you are having. Pinterest also offers cool ideas for invites so make sure you take advantage of that platform. It truly is amazing for someone who is not a professional. I used tinyprints.com to create my invitations. I love tinyprints because it allows your guest to RSVP online for convenient purposes.

6 Order Desserts/Food

Next step is your food and desserts. Contact the bakery shop you plan to use for you cakes, cupcakes, cake pops, whatever desserts you plan to have. Since you already have put together somewhat of a list use that to know how big of a cake you need, how many cakepops to order, how many cupcakes, etc. Also, find out catering locations and order the food based on the amount of people you plan to have.

7 Party Favors / Goodie Bags

I use Pinterest again to get ideas on party favors. Usually Pinterest also provides the website where the favors are from so that you can place your order as well. Pinterest is really the best platform when doing anything that you are not professional in. It has all types of ideas and DIYs. It really is perfect. I usually pick favors and gift bag goodies based on my theme. But of course you are free to do whatever best suits your own personal style.

8 Figure out your center pieces and Backdrop

Another great thing that Pinterest can help you out with. Check out different ideas for your theme and go from there. I usually like to create one sample centerpiece so I know what I am doing and how it looks.

9 Draw Everything Out

So I like to map out the event so I can see what else I need. I usually draw out my cake table décor, then I'll draw out the layout of the guests table. Basically create yourself a floor plan so you can know where everything is going to go and what else is missing. I am more of a visual person, so this step helps me figure out what areas need improvement and what else is needed to make my event beautiful! I love visuals. It serves as a blueprint.

10 Secure all other décor details

We are now getting towards the end! So now that you have mapped everything out and made yourself a blueprint, you can then go ahead and finalize all décor, favors, cakes, etc. Maybe email your entertainment and venue to make sure everything is all set for the event.

11 Create Grocery list

Because there will always be a few things that you need to get the day of the event, I usually create a last minute grocery list for beverages, last minute snacks, napkins, cups, etc. This all depends on your event.

12 Have Fun

It is important to remember to actually ENJOY the event! Take lots of pictures and be in the moment. I know when hosting sometimes you get caught up with all the running around and stress that comes with it but remember to also have fun with your little one and take lots of pictures. They grow up fast!

I hope you guys found this helpful when putting together your next extravaganza for the little ones. Just remember, Pinterest is really your BFF.