Prepping for the Week

Hey Loves,

I dreaded Monday mornings. I know I know, I shouldn’t say that but its the God awful truth. I have to wake up extra early, to get ready for a job I do not like, being away from my daughters and hubby for 8 hours, to deal with complications after complications. And when Sunday rolls around, I begin to feel the sense of anxiety, overwhelming and stress begin to take over me.

I have found, however, that using my Sunday evenings to prepare for the busy work week ahead helps me feel at ease and at peace with welcoming Monday and the new week ahead.

Lets face it. Monday’s are not really that bad. The only reason why we stress over it is because, after two days of wearing whatever you want and doing whatever you want, who wants to go back to work and to the routines. I don't know about you, but I am usually pretty discipline during the week. I eat right, I dress nice, I look all put together and whateva… lol

On the weekends, I tend to want to binge on the couch with the girls, watching cartoons in our pajamas, eating ice cream, not following any diet or routine [I wish I can say that was the truth but its not]. Weekends are usually carefree. I let my hair down and let go of the controlled chaos that I am Monday through Friday.

Controlled chaos isn't a bad thing. Thankfully, I have found that prepping for the chaos helps me ease into it. I stated to take Monday with vigor thanks to these few little tips I am going to share with you, because I also want you to love Mondays.

Get Your To-Do List Together;

Do Your Laundry;

Go Grocery Shopping;

Plan Your Outfit for the Next Day;

Get Your Gym Bag Ready; and lastly


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