3 Hot Fashion Trends for Summer 2017

Summer is always the "It" season. The "it" trends, the "it" music, the "it" events. So its obvious that one must touch on the "it" looks for this hot season. It is time for some fun and flirty trends that will not break your wallet! Below I have listed some super hot fashion trends for the year's season.  

1. Off-The-Shoulder

Off-the-shoulder anything is just perfect for the summer. I am so glad that the off-the-shoulder trend has not gone away just yet. Its really the best thing happening in women's apparel right now. Exposed shoulders are the latest, most chicest way to show some skin without having to kill yourself in the gym, since shoulders always look good. I love how creative designers are getting with the trend; bell-sleeves, voluminous ruffled sleeves, glam gowns. All articles of clothes look absolutely amazing in off the shoulder. Its definitely the silhouette of the season so make sure to let those shoulders out this summer girl!

2. Chunky Heels

How happy are you to finally have chunky heels back in the game?? YASSS! I was super excited when I saw this style heel coming back because lord knows how hard it can be to walk in stiletto heels. It just gives emphasis to the ankles. This heel style has been dead since the 70s. It made a small appearance in 2014 but unfortunately did not stay. I think that 2016 has given us the permission to break up with our stilettos and hook up with chunky heels. This particular wrap up style sandal is my absolute fave so I am excited to see it with a chunky heel!

3. Straw Handbag

I have been seeing a lot of the straw bags all over social media. It has definitely flooded my Instagram. It is by far the top 2017 accessory. Its super fun and adorable and it definitely is season appropriate. I think what makes this such a trend is the picnic-style approach it gives, since picnics are definitely a summer thing. It will definitely transform any simple look to give it some umph. My favorite is the half-moon shape style with the wooden handle. You can even get creative and add your own style Pom Poms.