Blue Wrap Around Maxi Dress Perfect for Summer

Hey Babes

I had to showcase this super comfy wrap around dress from Eshakti.

The one thing that I absolutely love about this site is that most of their items are custom made to fit your unique style and size! From the sleeves, to the neckline, everything is customized just for you; including the sizes!!

I chose this particular look because I am completely in love with maxi dresses. I love how comfortable this particular dress is. I also love the hi-low cut at the bottom of the dress so that my stylish shoes still show lol. I love that it hugs your body in the right places and also allows you to show some leg. It is your traditional Maxi dress that you can easily pair with stylish sandals or throw on some heels for a more fancier look.

I paired it with these white sandals that also wrap up your leg. Another great fashion statement. I though it would pair well with the dress since the hi-low cut at the bottom gives room to show off your shoes. A great pair of gladiator sandals or gem-studded sandal would also look great with this dress. You can just do so much with it.