One Chic Black Top

Hey Guys.

I hope you guys are all ready for the weekend. I wanted to come and post this chic top I got from

Since the weekend is approaching, I thought it would be the perfect time to show off this incredible stylish top. I have honestly been getting so much attentions because of it. It truly is perfect for a weekend brunch with your girlfriends.

Its funny because my co-host and I were actually disputing this on air last Tuesday. (You can listen to the show by clicking here.) Due to the summer months and now that we are well over Memorial Day, it is officially safe to finally wear white again. I am excited because I love summer colors, the whites, the brights, all of it. But there is just something so chic about this black top. I think that my favorite detail is the lace midsection. It gives  it that crop top illusion for ladies like me, who feel a little uncomfortable actually wearing one.

It was a casual day for me so I paired this awesome top with denim jeans from Express and some stylish pointy toed flats from old navy. This look made me feel so cute and super stylish and it was just overall comfortable.