Dressing Warm Yet Fashionable During Fall Months


Hey Fashionistas,

So we have officially kissed summer sunnies and short shorts goodbye for a while. It is now time to say hello to turtlenecks and booties. Fall is my second favorite month (no one comes before my dear summer). I know sometimes looking chic can post a bit of a challenge for some of you because although we want to look cute, we always want to be warm. What a perfect world it would be if we can be both, simultaneously! Well my friends, you can!

You see, the key to fall trends is to play with textures and proportions.


I love neutrals, regardless of the season. If styled in appropriately, neutrals can get pretty boring. I have found that the only way to not look so blah and boring is by layering. But not just any layer, add something with more texture to it that will give the look a sense of dimensions! It will add depth and elevate the feel of your overall look.


Length plays a vital role in what is appropriate for layering and what is not. You do not want to add a long cardigan to an outfit with a maxi skirt. It just will not flow right. Instead, for shorter girls like me, wear two long layers to elongate your body frame. For example, a midi dress with a cardigan that also falls at the knees. For my taller babes, this may mean a midi length dress with a cropped cardigan that falls at the waist line.

Here are a few examples of how you can play with different textures and proportions to give your looks that stylish edge we all long for:


If you have been following me on Instagram (@impamelarosario) you will have noticed how obsessed I have become with hats. I never knew how much umph a simple fedora hat can give an outfit. If you are looking for a more classy feel, definitely add a wool fedora. For something more street style, a baseball cap will do the trick!


‘Tis the season for scarves! So do not be afraid to crazy with different textures (per our first example) length and styles. Bold patterns are my favorite, especially since I prefer more neutral toned clothing.

Add a coat/jacket

This can also go with textures and proportion strategies discussed above. Wear a coat or a jacket that stays close t your body and goes below the knee. This is my go-to way to keep my look chic and elegant. It is a way of streamlining your silhouette

I hope you guys found this content beneficial and are ready to put together some awesome fall looks. Please be sure to tag me on all social media channels and let me know how you do by commenting below.