Affordable Fall Fashion Must-Haves

You guys have no idea how excited I am to share these affordable fall pieces with you. I recently went on facebook and asked what everyone was struggling with in the fashion category, and so many of you stated costs! So I put this special blog post together to be of assistance in the financial department when it comes to styling.

First I have to say, if you don't already, you must get yourself a pair of boyfriend jeans ! You will be able to put together such cute looks with this one style jean. Grab a quick tee, tuck it in and pair it with a pair of slip-ons or even a pair of converse!

Pointed-toe flats are also big this time of year. They are perfect for my business inspired chicas that are busy working that 9-5. This would look super cute in a business setting or even out to lunch with your girlfriends.

‘Tis the season for layers, and this plaid blazer is perfect for that! For layering purposes, you can also do a long cardigan sweater.

Trousers are essential this time of year. I love these pants for work, they are comfortable to wear and easy to put together. You can throw on a pair of sandals or if its chilly, you can do a cute pair of pointed toe pumps.

Another great item to have for the office is a pair of slip-on loafer. I have been obsessing over this particular style shoe for work since it is so easy to style and comfortable to wear all day.

If you are planning a night out, a stylish jumpsuit will do the trick. Grab a pair of sandals and you are out the door in no time!

I love a nice warm chunky sweater. To be cuddled up on the couch in a warm sweater drinking hot cocoa paired with black leggings and a pair of fuzzy socks! Yes Ma’am!

And lastly, to finish off your fall wardrobe shopping list, make sure you have some basic tees! Tee’s are so easy and casual yet can make such stylish looks if worn the right way!

All these items listed here are all under $50 and can really be all you need to up your fall wardrobe. Feel free to share your thoughts or comments with me below in the comment box. I would love to hear what you all think or if you used any of these items to create a fall look, make sure you let me know or tag me on any social media channel! I would love to see your looks!