Dressing for the Office

Hey Fashionistas!

I put together this quick guide for you all to refer to when dressing for the office. For the life of me, I had no idea what the term “business casual” truly meant. I was so confused as to what was acceptable and what was not. To me, there was just no in between. I was either really dressed up for work, with heels and a full face of make up, or I had no makeup, and looked a little too dressed down. I have been a 9-5’er for 10 years now and I still find myself battling in the morning with what to wear.

Fortunately for us, the workplace has relaxed its standards in more recent years, leaving it ok to be able to get away with wearing denim to work. Personally, I invest more in shoes. I feel a nice pair of shoes will up any look and therefore do not mind shopping a little expensive in the shoe aisle pairing it with less expensive appeal.

Say Yes to Blazers

Yes girl! Blazers are your best friend when dressing for the workplace. Its add a touch of sophistication. It gives such boss vibes and just makes you look put together. For starters, get a black blazer. Black is always welcomed in the office and since you can never go wrong with black, it should be the first one you get.

No Sexiness

Make sure the length of your skirts and dresses are appropriate for the office. I always do knee length and midi’s so that there is no room for confusion. Although the workplace dress code has relaxed a little there is still a fine line we should avoid. My rule of thumb is to embrace midi; pencil skirts and midi length dresses. I also will make sure there is no cleavage. If you want to up a look and look hot, I would advise to throw on some red lipstick or maybe a pair of pointed heels. Have you seen the journalists on Telemundo and Univision? They’re all so beautiful and they dress appropriate while still giving us sophistication.

Follow 50/50 rule

If you are showing arms make sure you are covered down below, and vise versa. So if you decide to wear a pencil skirt, pair it with a long sleeve button down blouse. Keep in mind that we are in a professional place of businesses. There is no need for exposing too much skin. I have always gone by the 50/50 rule. I leave all my crop tops and short skirts for the weekend.

I hope this quick guide helped a few of you enhance your work wardrobe. Get inspired! Go on Pinterest or Instagram and find business related looks that you like and recreate them! That’s usually what I do when I need I am unsure what to wear. Take inventory of your clothes and get rid of clothes you do not wear. Go shopping for a few easy pieces and little by little you will add to your business wardrobe. I have tagged a few affordable and essential items for all your business casual outfits.

Comment below what you think or tag me on your business works on your social media channels! I would love to see what you have put together.

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