Tweed Dress


Hey Beauties,

I love wearing dresses, no matter the time of wear. They’re just so feminine and chic. I love everything girly and I think I have destined Amelia to be just as girly as me. She also loves wearing dresses.

I know that dresses are harder to wear because of the cold. Who wants to freeze their legs off anyway? I used to make sure to always wear stockings but I quickly found that not every dress looks good with stockings. Then I decided to just give up on wearing dresses during the winter all together. Hence, I did not even think to get a tweed dress. The material is thick and makes it perfect for colder months. I saw Dakota Johnson wearing a tweed dress on television and was totally inspired by her look. Since it is winter and cold out, I decided to wear some stockings with the dress since most tweed dress look great in stockings. I ran to the pharmacy and grab a pair of nude stockings in efforts to keep my legs warm.

As I was putting my look together, putting on my stockings, they ripped all way up my thigh. They were a brand new pair! I was so annoyed. Right before my photo shoot, I literally had to ditch the stockings and go bare! Luckily it was not horribly cold out and I was able to sustain that winter breeze.

I told my hubby we had to make this photoshoot quick. Luckily for me, we were able to catch some good photos in little time. Tweed has surely become my favorite winter material. This dress looked very elegant and chic. It would be perfect to throw on a blazer and wear it to the office or even an after work event. I use to think tweed was difficult to pull off but I am glad I did. It is the perfect fabric to use in cold, winter Connecticut.


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