Cable Knit Cardigan and Dress Pants


Hey Beauties,

Wishing you all had a wonderful weekend and an even better start to your work week. I feel like I got cheated out of a weekend. I worked my 9 to 5 this past Saturday to squeeze in a little overtime and Monday was here before I knew it. I had every intention to clean my house and do some Christmas shopping. I did manage to go to Wal-mart to buy an ugly sweater for my girl’s ugly sweater party, but after basking in that holiday shopping behavior, I was too annoyed by the amount of people and traffic there was all over town, that I hibernated instead. I brought my butt right back home and hid under my covers. I did make it to the ugly sweater party but that was all anyone was going to get out of me. I think I will Christmas shop online and pray it arrives before Christmas.

Weekends are usually my photography days. Hubby and I go out and take a few photos for the gram and blog. I put this look together without a destination or event in mind. I simply put a few things together from my closet and voila! Here is this fancy look! LOL

I felt so feminine in this look. It was chic and comfortable. Initially, I did not think that this cable knit cardigan sweater would go with a pair of dress pants but I went for it anyway. It was way too cold outside for me to try and pose without a coat. This cardigan has become my winter uniform! I just cannot seem to take it off. It is so warm and cozy and as you can see, its perfect dressed up or dress down.

High waisted pants are also my go-to article of clothing. It makes me feel good about my body because it hides my gut and brings out my booty. I love these pants because not only did they fit perfectly without needing any alterations, but they were also high waisted! I brought its own belt which helped accentuate my natural curve. Because I had every intention to wear this cozy sweater; I opted into this lace came to wear underneath. The cami gave the look an extra boost of feminine. Lastly, I toped the look with a simple black pair of pumps! You can never go wrong with that.


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