4 Reasons You Should Book A Boudoir Session

Hey Babes,

Yesterday on my IG Story, I posted a couple Poll Questions regarding Boudoir pictures. As a result of my little survey, I learned two things... many of you have not done boudoir pictures, however most of you are definitely open to the idea. 

If you are anything like me, I can almost guess why you have not yet done so. You probably have not found a photographer you are comfortable enough to be partially nude in front of and/or you are insecure about your body. 

My idea for a boudoir session came about 3 years ago thanks to my dear friend Nabil. She convinced me to do a sexy shoot for my boo with her as my photographer. Since she is my friend, I am sure you guys think its a win all around. However, I continued to tell her how much I needed to lose a few pounds first before I waltz around in lingerie. Since that very conversation, the idea of the shoot stayed with me. Nonetheless, I finally built up the courage and decided to do the shoot and I hired the best photographer, My Husband. 

I looked up posing ideas on Pinterest and drank a glass of wine as I prepped for the shoot. At first I felt a little awkward but once we got going, I was fine. He instructed me on my posing, helping me find the right pose flattering for my body type. Overall, the pictures are very tasteful and being that it was my first boudoir session, I am actually very happy with my photos.

Here are four things I learned from my boudoir photos. 

See Yourself in a Different Light

Have you ever looked at an instagram model and just envisioned your face on that hot body? Well here's your chance. Step outside your comfort zone. Try something different. It is the perfect opportunity to do so. Let your guard down and I am sure you will love what you see.

Celebrate You

As women, we are often so critical of ourselves that we fail to embrace our beauty. We are constantly comparing ourselves to others but I promise you those are your own barriers that you have created. You will look amazing. Having your hair done, makeup on fleek and a few professional retouches will have you looking your absolute best. So don't make having to lose a few pounds an excuse. Most photographers know how to help you pose in ways that are flattering to your body type.

It Will Empower You

Who does not want to be treated like a celebrity for a few hours? It will be the perfect therapy for any woman. The photos will blow you away at how gorgeous you will look and it will definitely blow you away. Definitely remedy for some pep in your step. 

It Makes A Great Gift for Your Hubby/Significant Other/Boyfriend

Imagine the look on your man's face when he sees the woman he loves in sexy boudoir! He has seen you at your worst, when you wake up in the morning so why not allow him to see you at your absolute best in sexy lingerie and beautiful makeup. 


I hope this post helped with making your final decision on boudoir sessions. Book a photographer you are comfortable with, get sexy lingerie, have a glass of wine and just have fun. It will love it.