Mommy + Me in Camo's and Combat Boots


Hey Mommies!

I have not done a mommy and me post in a while and its definitely well overdue. No matter how old my girls get, I still love doing these segments. Amelia does such a good job at twinning with mommy. We are still working on Aylah. Some days she’s all for it, and on other days, we have no such luck. its harder to find clothes that match mommy in Aylah’s size. So until she gets a little older, I will continue to do these looks with Amelia.

It amazing to me, as I watch the girls grow, how different their styles are. Amelia is such a girly girl. She loves wearing dresses, shoes and boots. Whereas Aylah, as little as she is, seems to gravitate more towards hats, sneakers and sweat pants. its so hard to get that girl in tight jeans and shoes. She does not like it one bit. It almost seems like Aylah will be more of the sporty type and Amelia seems to be more of the girly type.

For this look, I got these matching camo jackets for both Amelia and me. I wanted to create this look with Aylah but I just could not find her size in the camo’s. But Amelia did a great job at matching with mommy. I wanted to add a statement piece to this look, since it is pretty simple. I thought the camouflage would be a fun focal point. I chose camouflage because it truly never goes out of style.

Outfit details are listed below. Make sure to use my discount code when shopping at Shein to get 15% off your purchase at checkout through March 31. DC: Q1pamelarosario15

Mommy’s Look

Jacket // Click Here

Jeans // Similar Ones Here

Amelia’s Look

Jacket // Click Here

Boots // Click Here

Jeans // Click Here