My 3 New Year's Resolution for 2015

  Hey loves!

So now that the holidays are officially over (thank God for that!) we can now settle into the New Year and work on our resolutions for 2015. A new year gives us a fresh start, or even a new beginning. Every new year, I like to take a second and reflect on the previous year. I think of the areas that need improvement and the steps I need to take to fix it. I remember when I was younger (before I became a serious adult lol), I used to resolve the basic "I hope to lose weight in this new year" or "new year new me" blah blah blah...

2014 was a special year for me. I became a wife. It was the best day of my life and I wish I can relive that day over again. The entire year was dedicated to putting that big day together. So you can only imagine how busy I was. It was a stressful time but one that I will never forget (I advise everyone to elope lol).

Anyway, so 2015 is here and now its time for bigger and better things. So here it is, My 2015 New Years Resolutions:

1. I resolve to progress in my career, whether that means a new job or a promtion. I have gotten all I can out of my current position and I am ready for more. Time to make more money baby!

2. I resolve to surround myself around positive people. May I attract warm, loving souls in 2015. Life is much simpler and enjoyable when surrounded by the right kinds of people. And in this new year, I plan to do just that.

3. I resolve (are you ready for this one) to have healthy long hair this new year lol. Ok dont laugh of me. I recently cut my hair super short in hopes that it will grow long and healthy since it was super damaged and just would not grow any more. So, I have been taking better care of it and using better products to bring my dull, boring hair back to life.

Short and sweet, right? So lets have an amazing year guys! May all your wishes and resolutions come true. I wish you all a happy, successful and prosperous new year! love you all!