How My Husband Made This Valentine's Day One to Remember!

My loves!! I hope you're all doing great and have exciting plans for Valentines Day! My husband took me to a book signing last night with Mirtha Michelle Castro Marmol; the author of Letters, to the Men I Have Loved. I read her book during the summer when a friend recommended it to me and I instantly fell in love with her! I (and so many women in general) can relate to her poetry. It was definitely a good read and I highly recommend it!

Her poetry expresses every emotion women experience in life: heartbreak, lost, men, etc. One of my personal favorites within the book was entitled "Who Was I".


When my husband told me he RSVP to this book signing for me to get my book signed I was ESTATIC!!!!! She has been such an inspiration to me as far as my writing. I had so much I wanted to discuss with her but I froze the moment she stood in front of me. I wish to write a book of my own one day.

This was my first book signing event and it was the absolute best Valentine's Day gift ever. It surely was a positive experience. I met some amazing girls (Hey Jen & Sahony lol). I could not sleep last night with all the thoughts and ideas I had about writing. She has no idea the influence she has had on me. She was so sweet and so humble and I hope to one day follow in her footstep and publish my very first book!


Some advise from Ms. Mirtha herself: Write! Everyday. No matter what. Make a point to write. Whether a page or a paragraph. Just write.

Thank you #MMCM