Monday Maternity Memoir - Week 1

baby showersugar cookies WEEK 1

Hey babes! As I promised I am posting a blog from now until I give birth; every Monday. It's my cool way of keeping a diary of my final weeks of pregnancy and also provide you all with updates on what's been going on.

WHAT HAVE I BEEN UP TO: So, been doing the normal pregnancy wobble these days as most pregnant women do.

I have been prepping for my baby shower shower. I decided to do a non-traditional women's only brunch. Hispanics don't usually do brunches, we look for any excuse to party; but I figured its less stressful and easier on my pockets. So I have been putting together the centerpieces and getting all my orders in. Its scheduled for Saturday May 7th. I have been chasing people around to RSVP because I need a final head count, all-you-can-eat buffet with unlimited mimosas! Yum!

I attempted to clean my entire house during the weekend. My hubby was working O/T so I took it upon myself to clean all 3 bedrooms, 2.5 bathroom, a kitchen, dining room, living room and family room all by myself. From the floors to dusting the furniture, I attempted to do it all. I'll tell you one thing, I will NEVER do that again! My back never hurt so bad. I didn't even get to finish the entire house. The heels of my foot were in so much pain. It was crucial. I was in bed for the rest of the day.

OMG! Did the baby get hiccups during work the other day for the first time??? My belly kept bouncing back and forth with a little bit of a rhythm. It was super cute.

On Monday April 18, 2016 it was 80 degrees, so you know what that meant... yes! swollen feet. This was the first time my feet swelled during this pregnancy. My little size 5 foot looked like I had Elephantiasis.

Lastly, against my husband's will, I am still working both my jobs.


  • sciatica pains,
  • pelvis girdle pains,
  • constant trips to the bathroom,
  • seeing all these stretch marks on my belly
  • my thyroidism makes it difficult to breathe at times. I often feel such shortness of breath and my heart starts to race.
  • barely finding cute clothes to wear to work. I still want to maintain to my sense of style but nothing really fits.
  • I am so forgetful these days. I have to constantly be reminded to take my prenatal vitamins. I even need to set reminders to return phone calls and text messages! The struggle is real lol.
  • I felt this awkward pressure pain right in the center of my belly
  • feeling fatigue, tiredness


  • receiving the baby gifts off the registery
  • Amelia kissing my belly and talking to her little sister
  • we finally have agreed on a name!
  • staring at my belly as she moves. It brings me such joy to be able to see and feel her little movements. It helps me feel connected to her. She moves so much now.

DR.'S APPTOINTMENT: I am at 34 weeks pregnant now. I weigh 146 pounds. The doctor says she's in position and may weigh between 5-6 little pounds at birth. She is about 18 inches long. Her fat layers are filing her out, which will help with her body temperatures at birth. She's is roughly about the size of a cantaloupe. Doctor says to rest up and save all my energy for labor. Everything is measuring normal and looks good.