Monday Maternity Memoir - Week 2

IMG_3814 Hey Y'all!

Welcome to this week's maternity memoir update.

I am at 35 weeks pregnant. I did not have a doctor's appointment this week. Appointments are still on a biweekly basis. I have been doing a lot of reading about the baby's development and labor. I anticipate she is currently the size of a melon and is positioning herself for birth. I still have not seen signs of my mucus plug so labor is not as close as I would hope it to be. I think a lot about the day I go into labor. How will it happen? Where will I be? Who will be there with me? Each pregnancy and labor is so different I definitely do not want to compare it to my first pregnancy. Nothing with this pregnancy has been identical to Amelia's.

WHAT HAVE I BEEN UP TO: I am getting the final touches done for the baby shower. I have all the centerpieces done, cake is ordered, favors are ordered and paid for. All final touches are taken care of. I got my look together! The only one thing I am just missing are my shoes. I am debating whether to do heels or sandals, since my feet have been swelling up lately. I know I will not last long in heels. My bestie is hooking me up with accessories. I even got Amelia's look together as well, thanks to her godmother. I am getting so excited for the special day. All the people nearest to my heart are attending which brings me such joy. Of course there is no event without some drama. Some people tend to forget that this shower is not about them but about baby girl. But I always take the good with the bad. I know the day will be perfect.

We had a busy weekend this past week - three different birthday parties! We were all over the tristate area. It was nice to catch up with friends and family I had not seen in a while. However, the long car ride did NOT do my back justice. I woke up this morning with horrible sciatica pains and with a sense of restlessness.

My husband is happy that I am pretty much just working one job. My second job has not been scheduling me, which does help me relax a little more and be less stressed as I prep for the arrival of baby girl.

I cannot go on without educating myself. Along with baby books and reading maternity material; I have also been reading branding material, looking for new and exciting ways to blog, content creating, and just overall learning about marketing, social media, and how to grow as a blogger. I try to find ways to keep my mommies-to-be looking great and embracing pregnancy. After my first pregnancy, I regretted not having embraced that pregnancy as much as I am now. I barely took pics and pretty much hid the entire 3rd trimester. Thank God for this blog, I am now able to show off my baby bump and be happy doing so. I love blogging. It truly means a lot to me so I want to be good at it. I have been trying new ways of taking pictures and seeking out latest trends.


  • more fatigue, restlessness and tiredness
  • swelling of my hands and feet
  • cramps
  • more frequent shortness of breath
  • dehydration
  • difficulties rolling over in bed and sitting up
  • motivation to get out of bed
  • keeping up with my 2-year-old
  • unable to sleep at night
  • mood changes


  • Amelia has been officially potty trained!!
  • Taking pictures of the full blown baby bump
  • preparing the baby's room
  • talking to Amelia about being a big sister
  • playing with Amelia's dolls as she pretends its her baby sister
  • reading up on the development of the baby and labor
  • preparing for maternity leave. Knowing that I will have the summer off makes me super happy. DR anyone??? lol