Monday Maternity Memoir - Week 3

imageHey Guys!

We are back again for another week of my maternity memoir update.

I keep having the weirdest dreams about the baby. I've dreamt that babygirl was actually born a boy. Another night I dreamt that this whole time I wasn't even pregnant and that the doctors all made a mistake lol. So strange. Anyway, I have been praying she comes early. Amelia was 4 days past her due date. She was also my first pregnancy, which they say always goes past the due date. I have been looking up workouts that I can do at home to help me go into labor sooner. I haven't been to the gym in about a month now because of these horrible pains and just plain old lack of energy. I am so tired these days.

WHAT HAVE I BEEN UP TO: I had a busy week putting together the baby shower. It was this past Saturday May 7 at a banquet hall here in CT. I had a simple all women's brunch with just close friends and family. I made my own centerpieces and put the games together. I spent hours at Staples printing them all up. I even made trophies for the winners of the games. I got the idea on pinterest to glue a baby bottle on a candle stick and spray paint it gold. They were so cute. It was an amazing turn out!! I could not be happier with the end result. The pictures all look amazing. Check out the recap of my glamorous baby shower by clicking here


  • more fatigue and restlessness
  • not eating properly
  • more sciatica pains
  • more gridel pains
  • Braxton Hicks
  • constant swelling of feet and hands
  • nesting; all I want to do is clean and organize the baby's stuff
  • heartburn


  • looking at all the baby shower gifts
  • preparing the baby's room for her arrival
  • my baby shower prepping and planning
  • the actual baby shower and how successful it was
  • how beautiful the pictures look
  • looking forward to my maternity shoot with my fave photographer - NAG Photography! If your in the CT make sure you book my boo for your sessions.

DR'S APPOINTMENT: I am now 36 weeks pregnant. I am still considered "early term" until I officially hit 38 weeks. Then the baby can come at any time after that. So hang in there for a couple more weeks babygirl. Because I had an emergency C-section when delivering Amelia, the doctor wanted me to schedule the C-section in case I go past my due date. Although they want me to push for a VBAC, as a safety precaution, I am not to exceed my due date.  I saw a different doctor at my recent visit. When I go into labor, I am to see which ever doctor is on call. So I agreed to meet them all so I can know who is delivering my child. I was not very fond of the doctor I saw. She seemed dry and uninterested. She barely answered my questions and even answered her cell phone while measuring my belly. I want to push for a VBAC but it seemed she could careless and just wanted me to book the C-Section. Not Cool. Anyway, my cervix is still not ready for labor so the baby wont be coming tomorrow lol. But everything is measuring normal and vitals are all good. I gained 1 pound, now weighing 146lbs. The doctor anticipates she will be tiny at birth weighing no more than 7lbs. I now go to the doctor weekly as we approach the big day.

Thank you guys for tuning in. I'll be back next Monday for more updates on my last few weeks of maternity.